A Letter To Children

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By RetSam 2009.07.20 2:00A.M.

Welcome to the world, not sure if you would like it, but I hope you will have a wonderful journey.

Spiritually, it's like a huge school here, we are all students and having somethings to learn.

What are you going to learn?

There will be differnet lessons arranged for different reasons, what and why are your lessons is for you to find out.

How to find out? There's only one way——live your life.

Remember there are always hints, which is from your heart, to help you find your ways and go over the tests.

But you need to practise to lisent to the voice from your heart, otherwise it gets lower and lower.

And no matter what happens to you, please do not blame others or this School.

You could chose to blame yourself though, because you must have done something that created the hard time for you.

There can be a better choice, which is to love yourself and seek your inner errors with balanced love.

And once you found and correct the error, you grow, spiritually.

Everyone have 2 flows of energy inside, light and dark.

It's your responsibility to keep the balance between light and dark, your inner balance.

Whenever you see someone domonstrates his imbalance, it means he has let his dark dominate.

It's a sign of him having an unlearnt lesson.

Your parents or others might have more experiences than you, but that doesn't mean they are good at handling their balance, or learning their lessons.

Phisically we grow with age, but spiritually we don't grow untill we learn our lessons.

So what do you do?

Enjoy your lessons, keep listening to your heart, keep your balance, always.

It's hard?

Yeah. Keep trying. ^^