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Using uSpace

So, if it is so useful, how does it work? First of all let's have a look at all the different components. This the Menu Bar at the top of the page so we will look at the links.

Uspace menu bar.png

Showcase – this is where you can see what people have been up to – you can look to see what anyone has been doing or limit it to just your buddies. You can leave updates to your status and keep up to date with your friends.

Uspace Showcase.png

My Profile – this relates to you and your buddies and you get a menu box on the left with all the different facilities you have in your uSpace. This is where you can make comments – a bit like in Bebo or Facebook. It is important that you think carefully about what you post and make sure you don’t use inappropriate language which might upset or offend people. There is also a space for you to upload a photo of yourself or an image to represent yourself. Remember that this is a closed system which means that only students and teachers of the schoool can access it. That means that it is safe and uploading a photo of yourself is okay. I would not recommend that you do the same in a public social networking site like Bebo or Facebook. It is not advisable to upload photos directly from the Internet – they should be pictures that have been saved in your documents and then uploaded from there. You should also check that there is no copyright on them or check through Creative Commons for images which have been made available free of copyright. Some educational institutions may take your access to USpace away if you do upload directly from the Internet as this may contravene a Computer User agreement that you signed.

Uspace My Profile.png

Buddies – this is where you can see a list of all your Buddies. On the right you will see Buddy Requests – that is people who have requested to be your Buddy. You can search for new Buddies here and also click on the photos of your Buddies to go to their profiles.

Uspace Buddies.png

Message Inbox - this is a link to your message box. (More information about this in Section 2 Blogs and Message Box)pace

USpace Message Inbox.png

Back to School - this link takes you back to your Dashboard (Your classes)