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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Europeans in Asia and the Pacific
6 - 7 hours
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Linked to Assignment 3

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Stimulus: Europe's colonial expansion

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To identify and become more familiar with European colonisation in the Asia-Pacific region.

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  1. Begin with a general exploration of sources on European colonisation throughout the Asia-Pacific region. You should examine European perceptions of the region and its peoples.
  2. After some general reading on this topic, select a state that experienced European colonisation that you would like to focus on in more depth. Remember, you can use the Regional Relations Source Repository and the Recommended Reference Materials as a useful start for information.
  3. Begin more focused research on the impacts of colonisation on your selected state. You should explore and report on:
    • the state’s experiences of colonisation,
    • the impact colonisation had on the state,
    • when the state gained independence and
    • if there has been an enduring legacy from its experience as a colonised state.
  4. Write a summary of your findings (250-500) with full citation details of your sources.

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Using the 'E-learning Activity and Personal Reflection e-Portfolio', upload your summary described in Step 4) above. This should be completed no later than the close (Friday) of Week 5.
  2. Please enter any useful online sources you accessed during this e-learning activity into the Regional Relations Source Repository located on the Study Desk.
  3. The e-moderator will add an overview of the comments after the closing date for submissions.