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The term „e-tivity‟ was coined by Professor Salmon (2002). It simply refers to a framework for activities and interactive learning that are conducted online. AST1000 uses Salmon‟s model of e- tivities to guide you in selecting course content via OER. The e-tivities frame what you are looking for, how long you should spend on the e-tivity, and how you should present your findings each week so learning becomes interactive. All e-tivities referred to in this Study Guide are located on the Course Study Desk. When directed to begin an e-tivity, you should make your way to the e-tivity on the StudyDesk and follow its directions.

Exploring open educational resources (OER)

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We provided three stimuli for this e-tivity to commence your journey of discovery on open educational resources. Visit the links below, read the purpose and then complete the activity.

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This activity prompts you to explore what is meant by the term ‘open educational resources’ (OER) and how you can locate open educational resources online to assist and guide your learning.

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Suggested time: This activity should take you around 3 – 3.5 hours to complete.
  1. Conduct a general internet search using the term ‘Open Educational Resource’. Refer to the information contained on 2 sites that come up to read more about Open Educational Resources.
  2. Now using the search functions contained in the Directory of Open Access Journals (linked above in Stimulus), locate journals/journal articles relevant to your interests. Select 1 article on any topic and read it.
  3. After completing Steps 1) & 2), document in around 100 words what you understand Open Educational Resources to be.

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  1. Using the ‘E-tivity and Personal Reflection ePortfolio’ (located on the Course Study Desk), upload your understanding of Open Educational Resources. This should be completed no later than the close (Friday) of Week 1.
  2. The e-moderator will upload an overall comment on the activity on the Course Study Desk after the closing date for submissions.