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'Media, Gender & Culture'

3 –14 June, Miranda House, Delhi

Course leader: Rachel O'Neill

How does gender organize social and cultural life? What role does media

play in sustaining relations of dominance and oppression? How can we understand gender inequality on a global scale? **What impact does economic liberalisation have on media production? Can media be used as a resource for cultural politics and activism? By who, and in what ways?

This two week intensive programme will explore these and other questions, offering students the opportunity to study media, gender and culture in transnational perspective. The course will provide students with a critical foundation in gender theory and examine contemporary media trends occurring across a variety of social and cultural contexts. Through a combination of lectures and seminars we will discuss issues such as the representation of women in advertising, news media coverage of gender and sexual violence, and the influence of global capitalism on contemporary media forms. In dedicated workshops students will learn how to analyse a variety of media texts, including newspapers, advertising, television and film. Examining new media forms, we will consider debates over the democratizing potential of online and social media, using case studies such as the SlutWalk protest movement to think through some of the ways social media might be used as a tool of social change. At all points the course will promote intersectional thinking as we consider how gender intersects with other axes of power, such as sexuality, race and class. Students on this course will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to critically analyse gender, media and culture in a global arena.

Registration for the ‘Media, Gender & Culture’ Delhi Summer School is now open.

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