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Name of the interviewer: KIRTI INGALE

Name of the interviewee: ANITA NARAYAN SINGH

Date of the interview: 17-12-07

Place of the Interview: Sonpur at her house

Interviewer: May I come in mam?

Anita: Yes please! You are most welcome in home.

Interviewer: Thank you Anita.

Anita: What can I do for you?

Interviewer: Anita, I want some information regarding you.

Anita: Yes! Sure ask. I am ready to help you.

Interviewer: What is your full name?

Anita: My name is Anita narayan singh.

Interviewer: How old are you?

Anita: I am 14 years old.

Interviewer: Where do you live?

Anita: I live at Sonpura.

Interviewer: What is your father’s name?

Anita: My father name is Roop narayan singh.

Interviewer: How many family members are their in your family?

Anita: There are total 10 family members in my family.

Interviewer: Which are they?

Anita: I have 2 brothers, 5 sisters, 1 sister-in-law.

Interviewer: What are their names? And how old are they?

Anita: Rajkumar-21, Anita-14, Preety-12, Sonam-lO, Pinki 8, Rachana-6, Karan-4.Vishaka- 15 [sister-in-law], Shanti devi-40[mother], Roop narayan-44[father].

Interviewer: Do you go to school?

Anita: No

Interviewer: Why?

Anita: My parent doesn’t like to send me school because I am grown up.

Interviewer: Do your other sisters go to school?

Anita: Yes, they go to school.

Interviewer: You never says that why they are not sending you to school but your sisters?

Anita :They says they are small & you are young that’s why I don’t have the right to go to school when they grow up they will also be withdrawn from the school.

Interviewer: You don’t wish to study?

Anita: Yes, I want to study but I know they won’t allow me to do so.

Interviewer: What about your mother she don’t say anything regarding this matter?

Anita: No, she never interferes in this matter because she knows my brother and my father don’t permit.

Interviewer: Why?

Anita: Because she is afraid of them.

Interviewer: Why?

Anita: Because my father beat her.

Interviewer: You never say anything in this matter?

Anita: No, because they beat me too.

Interviewer: Is their nobody to complain about such things?

Anita: We don’t like to complain about our family members.

Interviewer: But if you don’t complain then the situation will remain the same.

Anita: What will we do mam there is no other way to tackle this. That’s why we remain silent. Because we have to live here only and if we do such things then all villagers will not keep us in this village.

Interviewer: Ok. so there is no other way to tackle this.

Anita : Yes, mam.

Interviewer: The villagers must have to be motivated for girl’s education. Government should have to pay attention at least regarding the girl’s education. Ok! Thank you Anita.

Anita: You are welcome.


After having the interview it was nice to talk and know with the minute and big problems of the school. The principal high pitch sound during pointing the problem cleared the intensity of problem the school is facing. Really it is necessarily to be eradicated for the upliftment of Madhopura.