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Because each brain is different and each person reacts differently to their injury
there are lots of different ways people can be affected.

There are four main categories where people notice differences.

Do you experience any of these from the brain injury?

Do you experience other changes that aren’t here?

Pressure in my head Loss vision Changes in likes and dislikes regarding smell and taste Understanding
Paralysis Double vision Shifts in likes and dislikes Focus and attention
Trouble walking Blurry vision Difficulties with emotional control Slower processing
Trouble speaking Loss of hearing Changes and control of behavior Memory
Tired Ringing in the ears Mood changes Decision making
Seizures Loss or change in sensitivity of touch Laughing or crying without apparent cause Confusion
Light headed Loss or change of smell Increased anxiety Concentration
Headaches Loss or change of taste Insensitive to others Inability to link cause and effect
Speed Lack of motivation Inability to follow through
Tired eyes Lack of initiation Can’t handle stress like I used to
Change in sleep patterns Lack of patience Unable to hold a thought
Fast pulse Shame or guilt Diminished insight
Increased blood pressure Withdrawn/social isolation Problem solving
Loss of strength Lying or making things up Returning to the same thought
Unable to keep still Decreased ability to deal with stress Tracking thoughts or conversations
Waking up in the night Loss of sense of self Distraction
Appetite disturbances Easily startled
Can’t perform physical tasks like I did before the accident Paranoia
Appetite disturbances Panic
Add anything that you experience that is not already on the list.
You might just help someone else out.
Sharing information helps to bring us closer together.