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Project Overview

  • adding HIV AIDS Treatment literacy component to literacy training (in Bangladesh, South Asia)

Possible Titles

  • Enhancing the Capacity of very poor Mothers in tackling Health
  • Enhancing the Empowerment of Mothers through a Health Curriculum


Improving the lives of very poor mothers in Dhaka, Bangladesh by incorporating health and HIV/AIDS education into literacy learning circles/training programs (how big, how small do we want this to be? Can adapt the goal to your vision)


Tanyss, can you fill this part in based on the MOI proposal, some lines on low awareness but high risk of HIV (like you mentioned in your email), and your experiences so far

  • What is the need?
  • What is the context? (Academic Research on models of empowerment, literacy, community building might be helpful)

Making the case for infusing a basic literacy curriculum with health and HIV

  • What is the gap? e.g. a lack of a sustainable model to date
  • How will the proposal address the gap?
  • Who else has tried "health in literacy" that we can draw on?

See more in Approach below

Proposal and Activities

The purpose of this proposal is for Amarok to secure funding to develop a Health-4-Literacy curriculum and pilot it with trainers and mother-educators through a blended learning approach involving online and face-to-face workshops that draw upon the experience of working on WikiEducator and OER development.

  • Specific activities:
  1. Develop a curriculum
  2. Deliver the curriculum through a pilot
  3. Mentor trainers to use the curriculum with mothers
  4. Monitor and evaluate the pilot
  5. Learn lessons and use as a framework to scale-up (integrate into MOI)


Health Literacy Circles