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How did Amarok Society begin?

Amarok Society is the result of a tireless campaign and personal financial investment by Tanyss & Gem Munro, and their children to provide literacy, numeracy and lifeskills training to mothers and children, and make a significant difference in the lives of very poor women and children in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Who has funded Amarok so far?

As of December 2008, primary funding has come from Gem & Tanyss Munro, the founders of Amarok Society. Since receiving its charitable tax number, Amarok has also received $15,000 in donations.

How does literacy change lives?

When a mother becomes literate, education becomes a valued commodity in her home. In fact, the mother’s literacy level is the most important variable in determining a child’s education level. In many countries, knowledge of English is critical for pursuing educational opportunities ~ they can earn far more money to help lift them out of poverty. Other benefits include: increased sense of personal power, renewed self-esteem, greater hope and purpose and life satisfaction.

How is my investment multiplied and leveraged?

One US or Canadian dollar goes very far in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world. (Check the avg. daily wage). We also use a neighbourhood teaching model, whereby it is very cost-effective to teach large numbers of people.

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