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the 6th ADA symposium: critical-digital-matter
ADA trust, charitable since june 2008

The main symposium website.

please visit the symposium website and blog for information on this event

also see LEF_Aotearoa

About ADA

Aotearoa Digital Arts Trust is Aotearoa New Zealand’s only digital artists’ network. ADA’s purpose is to enable communication between artists, curators, teachers, critics, theorists, writers and the interested public. ADA aims to develop public understanding of digital art through online discussion, publications, exhibitions and symposia. ADA symposia provide an important opportunity for the distributed network to spend time together in real space, and to share and develop projects, ideas, skills, and plans. This is the first ADA Symposium to be held in Wellington – previous events have been held in Hamilton, Auckland, Dunedin, New Plymouth, and Christchurch. Symposia always include 'the ADA free-lunch', time for informal meetings, parallel exhibitions, screenings and performances, friendly critical debate, and for the first time in Wellington: Sunday Soccer.

The current members of the ADA Trust Board are: Zita Joyce (chair), Stella Brennan (secretary), Su Ballard (treasurer), Douglas Bagnall and Janine Randerson (on leave till July 2010).