9 October 2009

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   == Wellington Meeting 9 October ==
         o The date for the Wellington Meeting is Fri 9 October 2009, time 10am - 4pm
         o The Venue is Room 613 D Weltec, Church St, refreshments and lunch will be provided.
         o Agenda Items
               + Previous meeting action Items - progress report (all)
               + ITP round table discussions and reports (all)
               + Selection panel/ Process for Todd Foundation Grants (Otago). Short listing the applications for the Todd Foundation ITP Awards for Excellence on the agenda (these close 1 Oct)
               + PBRF update on progress towards 2012
               + Create a collective agreement for the sharing of ERI in collaborative research projects (the NZVCC has a similar agreement across Uni’s and it would be great to have a similar amongst ITPs at least)
               + Technology Development and Transfer
               + Collaboration 
   * PDF_down.png ITPNZ_Agenda.pdf‎ 

The day will start at 10.00 to enable people to get here and end at 4.00pm.