845 - Entrepreneurship Skills

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Dignity of Work

Meaning of dignity of work; different types of work; myths and beliefs about nature of work; personal attributes leading to success in life; factors that promote status in society.

Career Opportunities

Meaning of career; types of job careers; possible career opportunities; income sources; benefits and challenges of various careers.

The Entrepreneur

Meaning of an entrepreneur; personal entrepreneurial characteristics; risks in business; decision-making in business; leadership skills in business; benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Beliefs and Values About Business in Uganda

Positive and negative beliefs about business; ways of overcoming misconceptions in business.

Success in Business

Factors leading to success; benefits of a successful business to an entrepreneur; factors which lead to business failure; common management mistakes that cause business failure; indicators of a business not doing well.

Goals in Business

Importance of setting goals in business; setting business goals using SWOT analysis; prioritizing goals in business; time frame and time schedule.

Uses of Income

Ways of using income; relationship between income, savings and investment; importance of savings; ways of increasing savings and investment; consumption, savings and investment-oriented people; making plans for saving.

Relationship Between Business, Society and Natural Environment

The natural environment; dependency of business on the natural environment; how society benefits from business; how business benefits from society.

Business in Uganda

Meaning of Business; types of businesses; factor used to determine sizes of businesses; importance of businesses; introduction to Business Associations in Uganda.

Agribusinesses in Uganda

Meaning of agribusinesses; types of agribusinesses; common features of agribusinesses; requirements of agribusinesses; importance of agribusinesses; challenges in agribusinesses and how to overcome them.

Manufacturing Businesses

Meaning and types of Manufacturing businesses; importance of Manufacturing businesses; agro-processing businesses and their importance; challenges in manufacturing businesses and how to overcome them.

Service Businesses

Meaning of service businesses; services needed by a community; types of service businesses; benefits from service businesses; challenges in service businesses and how to overcome them.

Trading Businesses

Meaning of trading businesses; types of trading businesses; benefits of trading businesses; challenges in trading businesses and how to overcome them.

Exploring the Environment for Business Opportunities

Business opportunities; market: factors for assessing a Market Potential of a business; conducting a Market Assessment.

Managing Enterprises

Definition of management; functions of management in small enterprises.

Production Aspects in Planning for a Business

The production process; selection of machinery, equipment and tools; employees; business premises; selection of raw materials; packaging; utilities; role of transport in planning a business.

Marketing in Small Enterprises

Definition of marketing; marketing mix; channels of distribution; advertising.

Personnel Management and Administrative Expenses in a Business Enterprise

Types of personnel in a small business and their roles; pre-operating expenses in establishing a business; daily Business Administrative Expenses.

Financial Planning for Small Businesses

Types of capital; establishing the working capital requirements of a business; establishing fixed capital requirements of a business; estimating total capital requirements of a business; sources of capital; costs.

Natural Environment Concerns in Planning a Business

Requirements of the business that affect the natural environment; how business requirements affect the natural environment; the outputs of business in general; measures and methods to address the negative effects of business on the natural environment. The effect of a bad environment on a business.

A Business Plan

Elements of a business plan; uses of a business plan to different stakeholders; steps in preparing a business plan; action plan for implementing the business plan; presentation of a business plan.

Financial Institutions in Uganda

Types of financial institutions; types of accounts with financial institutions; major transactions with financial institutions.

Insurance in Business

Insurable risks and non-insurable risks; types of insurance in Business; benefits of insurance; steps in taking out an insurance Policy.

Business Laws and Taxes

Types of Legal Forms of Business; registering a Business; Business Licenses; types of business taxes in Uganda; business laws in Uganda; basic legal concepts of a business contract.

Cash and Credit Transactions in Business

Business transactions; selling on cash and credit; management of cash and credit transactions; obligations of the debtor and creditor; negotiating a business transaction.

Book-Keeping and Financial Statements in Business

Book-keeping; uses of Books of Accounts; methods of book-keeping; Source Documents; Books of Accounts; Trial Balance; Profit and Loss Account; Balance Sheet; interpreting Financial Statements.

Business Communication Skills

Importance of communication; essentials of communication in business; methods of communication; techniques in communicating with customers; writing Business letters.

Business Ethics

Business ethics towards customers, employees, society, government; how a business benefits by practicing business ethics.