672 - Home Management

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Part I

Choice of Site, Planning a House With Particular Attention to the Work Area, Siting a Latrine, Bath-House and Kitchen

Water Supply, Sources of Water, Purification and Storage of Water

(a) The Essential Equipment for Cleaning a House

(b) Disposal of Refuse

(c) Cleaning Agents Including Home-Made Polishes and Abrasives Where Applicable

Household Pests and How to Deal With Them

Choice, Care and Cleaning of:

(a) Furniture and Fixtures

(b) Household Utensils

(c) Floors and Floor Coverings

Simple Repair to Household Linens and Furnishings

Making of Simple Household Furnishings and Equipment

Importance of Colour in Furnishing the Home

Encouraging Traditional Good Manners and Etiquette

Fabrics, Properties, Methods of Washing and Finishing

Family Wash: Including Household Articles, Such as Blankets, Bedcovers, Cushions, etc.

Meal Planning for Different Ages

(a) Breakfast

(b) Lunch

(c) Dinner

(d) Snacks

Food Hygiene

Simple Household Budget

Care of Domestic Pets

Part II

Social Aspect of Family Life

The Beginning of a Family

The Value and Use of Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Clinics

The Needs of the Expectant Mother

Preparation for the Baby's Arrival

The Making of Clothes Suitable for Children of 1-4 Years Old

Routine of a Baby's Day

Feeding of a Baby from Birth to Five Years

Stage of Development from Birth to Fiver Years

Weaning, Preparation of Food

The Day's Routine for a Toddler

Children's Ailments

Immunization and Vaccination

Safety of Children in the Home

Importance of Play and the Preparation of Simple Toys Suitable for Age and Stage of Development of the Child