652 - Clothing and Textiles

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Study of Natural and Man-Made Fibres

Origin, outline of manufacture of fiber to fabric and their properties. Knowledge of various types of fabrics. Their choice and suitability for clothing and household use. The purchase of fabrics, including interfacings, approximate prices and quantities. Wise buying. The selection and use of accessories used in the course of dress-making.

== Choice of Clothes for the Individual (of All Ages) in Relation to Figure, Types, Style, Occasion, Colour, Fabrics and Season ==

The use of traditional drafted or commercial patterns for making under and outer garments in washable fabrics. This should include taking measurements on the figure.

== Choice of Pattern, Testing for Fit, Alteration for Fit and Style, Laying of Pattern and Transferring Pattern Markings ==

Cutting out of fabric, importance of fitting line, fitting on the figure, sequence of assembling garments, making up and pressing.

The Choice and Use of Equipment and Tools in Clothing Construction

Including the purchase, use and care of modern sewing machines.

The Stitches and Processes Used in the Making of Simple Under and Outer Garments

Methods of joining edges, introducing and controlling of fullness, openings and fastenings, collars, sleeves, belts, waistbands and the appropriate use of interfacings.

Repair, Renovation, Maintenance and Valeting of Personal Clothing

Design and Decoration in Needlework

Use and making of simple designs and decorative stitching in the construction and decoration of garments and household articles. A knowledge of traditional and creative designs should be encouraged.