5) Consistent Routines

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My brother, who has bipolar disorder, just started a new job where he has to work day and night shifts. He is having a hard time coping with change in his sleep and wake routines. Will this trigger any bipolar disorder episodes?

Good question. Having a consistent routine has been proven to positively affect people with bipolar disorder. This disruption to your brother’s regular sleep and waking cycle may cause problems with his bipolar disorder. Many people with bipolar disorder have difficulties responding to stress which can be triggered by a new job (21). To assist him through this, you could help him to identify any deficits he has in coping, look at what assets he has and focus on the successful coping skills he is utilizing (21). It is a good idea to develop a plan with your brother of his regular routines which should be updated frequently, such as when he started this new job (58). With some planning, he may be able to be successful in his new job!

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