335 - Luganda

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C. G. Kiwanuka : Kikonyogo

C. Kalinda : Paulo Kirimuttu


Waalabyeki Magoba : Zonna Mpayippayi


Masagazi Fred et al : Balya n'enseekezi

Kagera Tom : Ebitontome Ebiteesiba

A. Free Composition

(1) Writing of compositions on topics which may be descriptive, narrative, argumentative, topical or reflective in nature.

(2) Ability to compose short clear statements on give subjects, e.g. that of a newspaper reporter.

B. Structure, Grammar and Usage

(1) Students should be able to summarize passages effectively.

(2) They should be able to use idioms in their pieces of work.

(3) They should be able to translate passages from English to Luganda.

(4) Knowledge of different grammatical features of the language such as:

  • Nouns: Classes of nouns, agreement of nouns with verbs and their qualifiers.
  • Verbs and Tenses: Simple and compound tenses; negative, active and passive forms; direct and indirect speech; tense infixes, auxiliary verbs and tense usage with signal words such as ne...lyoka...mala...va.
  • Other grammatical features like: adjectives, adverbs, pronouns,

Reading Comprehension