314 - French

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Oral Examination

(1) Students should be able to handle sentence stress, intonation, phrasing and clarity as well as vowel quality and fluency.

(2) Students should be able to answer questions and to use a range of structures stimulated by the various question structures of the language.

(3) Students should also be able to converse quite fluently in French.


(1) Ability to pick specific information contained in a passage which is crucial to the proper understanding of the said passage.

(2) Ability to analyze the passage in order to understand it.

Listening and Reading

(1) Ability to read extensively in French.

(2) Identification of specific situations.

(3) Interpretation of specific situations.

(4) Ability to deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Course Books

1. Onyva

2. Contacts 1,2 and 3

Recommended Reading List

1. Tricolore

2. France Afrique

3. La cle des Champs

4. Soleil

5. Lieux ecritre

6. Bien venu en France

7. Parlons Francais

8. Libre Echange 1 & 2