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Data gathered in 2008 indicates the need for a continued focus on Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Inquiry Learning:

  1. Reading - Raise achievement in reading with understanding for all children through the following sub targets:
    1. Students in Years 1-3 will be reading at expectations as per the Literacy Learning Progressions.
    2. Students in Years 3-6 will be at typical or above range on STAR Sentence Comprehension. Paragraph Comprehension and Vocabulary.
  2. Writing – Raise achievement in writing for all children through the following sub-targets:
    1. All students will be writing at or above expectation using Exemplars and/or AsTTle writing in the identified domains (surface & deeper features).
    2. All students in the Year 4-6 age group will improve at least one sub level in the use of surface and deeper features using the Asttle writing assessment tool.
  3. Mathematics - All students will be working at or above the expected Numeracy strategy level for their year group.
  4. Inquiry Learning – All students will improve the quality of their questioning by improving the percentage of relevant inquiry questions

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