2. The Role of Curricula: Mapping the Terrain

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Mapping Histories of digital media practice and education in New Zealand. How to do this? What are the issues encountered?

What is the relationship between content and form?
Institutional frameworks?
Undergraduate experiences?
Theory/ practice interfaces?
Analogue/ digital interfaces?

LEF findings: Media art education is currently challenged by a variety of opportunities opening up due to the pace of technological developments in contemporary media. How can we support a culture of reflecting and shaping such media and technologies for innovative future education. The need for a comprehensive gathering of fundamental information about the variety of approaches to curriculum design across jurisdictions and levels was identified. An international mapping project was recommended. One possible approach would be a “hybrid model” in which information on international variations in the sequence from foundational training to doctoral research is gathered on one “axis” and then juxtaposed (or “crossed”) with information on the way technical skills are balanced with critical, theoretical and historical content in these same contexts.

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