2.3 - Education Sector Strategies

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The educational sector strategy provides that ICT will be utilised to transform the educa-tional system to provide the requisite education and training services environment capable of producing the appropriate types of skills and human resources required for developing and driving Ghana’s information and knowledge-based economy and society. This will be accomplished by:

• improving and expanding access to educational, training and research resources and facilities through the use of ICTs; • making the educational system more responsive to the needs and requirements of the information and knowledge-based economy and society; • developing and restructuring ICT curricula for all levels of educational systems; • transforming Ghana into an ICT-literate nation driven by information and knowl-edge • promoting ICT awareness and computer literacy within the public at large; encour-aging the exchange of ICT education and training between local and inter¬national educational institutions; • introducing computers for all levels of educational institutions; • promoting e-learning and training systems to complement traditional campus-based systems; • developing the ICT skills capacity for the management and staff of the Ministry of Education and educational institutions at all levels; • developing educational management, information systems, and technical and voca¬tional education programmes to enhance the quality of management at all levels for educational systems; • ensuring that higher education is accessible to a large section of the population through the provision of high quality and efficient programmes and courses online.