2.2 - Agriculture and Natural Resource Sector Strategies

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The Ghana ICT4D Policy provides sector strategies for policy implementation. It indi¬cates that ICT will be utilised to modernise the agricultural sector to substantially improve value-addition and yield, and develop a dynamic and vibrant export-oriented agrobusiness industry. This will be achieved through:

• deploying and exploiting ICTs to support the various activities of the agricultural sector, including the commercialisation of key sub-sectors and the improvement of current agricultural practices; • developing geographical information system (GIS) applications to monitor and support sustainable usage of natural resources; developing food insecurity and vulnerability information to document who, where and why people are being affected by this issue; • creating ICT awareness for all types of farmers at all levels nationwide, including empowering farm extension workers with relevant ICT skills; establishing an agriculture information system to provide support for the planning, production, storage and distribution of natural resources; • encouraging market research through the use of ICTs to improve farmers’ deci¬sion making abilities to align supply with market demands and to access new and foreign markets; • linking farmers and farmers’ groups and associations through ICTs to resources and services needed to improve agricultural livelihoods; • establishing linkages between agricultural education, research and development, farming, agro-industry and marketing; • improving research competency and promoting the application and transfer of new technologies, such as biotechnology, to develop a modernised and globally competitive agriculture sector; • promoting the creation of agricultural export production villages; • improving rural infrastructure development and encouraging irrigation farming; • supporting the private sector to add value to traditional crops while strengthening the production of non-traditional export commodities.