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Duration : 2 Years
Objective : To develop the following skills :
Reading :

  • Ability to read silently and comprehend the central idea as well as details in simple and short passages.
  • Ability to read a text aloud a normal speed and pronounce words correctly.

Writing :

  • Ability to write legibly,using approriate cases (higher and lower)and punctuation.
  • Ability to fill a variety of forms in daily use .
  • Ability to write short notes,simple notices,invitations,leave and job applications.
  • Ability to organise a paragraph using appropriate linkers,writing simple descriptive and narrative pieces.


  • Ability to understand words, in isolation and context.
  • Ability to understand instructions,requests and class lectures.


  • Ability to pronounce words correctly in everyday use.
  • Ability to use expressions of greeting and leave taking,thanking and apologizing;introducing self and others;refusing and accepting;asking permission and asking for a favour.


  • Ability to use words listed in the vocabulary list.
  • Ability to use a dictionary.

As in Raymond Murphy's Essential English Grammer (Upto lesson 106).


Duration : 2 Years
Objective : To develop the following skills :
Reading :

  • Ability to understand and assimilate the main ideas and specific details in a 400-500 words text of moderate difficulty.
  • Ability to read a text at normal speed with correct pronunciation,intonation and pauses and also with appropriate facial expression and gestures (especially in poetry and drama).

Writing :

  • Ability to write a letter of request,complaint, apology, order, etc.
  • Ability to write an application for a job with a covering letter.
  • Ability to write an advertisement for selling/buying an item.
  • Ability to write a notice a poster, recipe, etc.
  • Ability to produce a paragraph on a given topic.
  • Ability to write a short narrative or short essay (upto 300 words).

Listening :

  • Ability to comprehend the gist as well as details of a talk, lecture, discussion, news item, announcement, etc.
  • Ability to take notes.

Speaking :

  • Ability to pronounce words correctly with proper stress and speak English with proper intonation.
  • Ability to introduce self and others; socialize; make requests; seek permission and information : place an order; refuse help; accept an invitation and give directions.

Vocabulary :

  • Ability to use the dictionary.
  • Ability to understand and use a wide range of words, including collocations and idiomatic expressions (as in the vocabulary list provided).

Grammar : As in Raymond Murphy's Intermediate English Grammar.


Duration : 2 years
Objective :To help the students to cope with the new challenges and expectations of the fast changing job market - handling clients preparing business reports,holding discussions;preparing a speech or write-up on a given theme.

  • To develop the following skills :

Reading :

  • Ability to understand literary and advanced texts.

Writing :

  • Ability to write short and coherent essays (up to 500 words).
  • Ability to summarize and make notes.
  • Ability to handle English for creative use e.g.,write a poem ;transform a story into a play or a dialogue :write a story based on a novel etc.

Speaking :

  • Ability to pronounce words correctly by focusing on intonation and word stress as well as on individual sounds;iron out problem areas.
  • Ability to participate in debates,compere programmes,conduct interviews,evaluate a programme/event/text ;hold discussions.

Listening ;

  • Ability to understand a variety of different accents.


  • Ability to understand the finer naunces of the English language


  • As in Martin Hewing's Advanced English Grammar.