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This page is devoted to personal glimpses of my travels and interaction with educators and students.

  1. Study tour of Miami/Dade Educational District U.S.A. *This was a three day tour of Middle Schools and Technical Colleges in the Miami/Dade Educational District. The tour sponsored by the IDB and facilitated by Stevens Institute of Technology involved meetings with principals, tour of schools and exposure to software to be used in Instructional design
  2. Study tour of Specialist Schools in Central London *A one week tour of Specialist Schools in Central London looking at the use of technology in specialist Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education and Computer technology programmes.
  3. Computers in Education- Study tour of Japan and Singapore *An IDB World Bank and Japan Fund sponsored Computers in Education Programme . It involved participants from 4 Caribbean Territories. Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. The tour employed visits to schools, viewing the use of technology, meeting with expert panels, presentations and visits to NIE ( National Institute of Education, Nanyang University Singapore Technical University .
  4. VUSSC Singapore Bootcamp- March 2007

Table of Tours

Places Programs Outcomes
Miami/Dade (2002) Technology Study Tour Technology Infusion
  • ICT Committee
Japan/Singapore (2004) Computers in Education ICT Integration
  • ICT Policy
London (2004) Magnet/Specialist Schools Specialist Programme Pilot
  • Specialist programme policy
Portugal (2005) World Arts Conference Caribbean Arts Education Asssociation
  • Steering Committee
Singapore (2007) VUSSC Bootcamp Course Design Workshop
  • Wiki Skills
Barbados (2008) Learning4Content workshop Developining Open Educational Resources
  • Professional Development Content