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How to Write a Performance Objective

To write an objective you are required to include the following components

1. A condition

Examples of conditions include:

1. Provided with materials 2. Through class discussion 3. Using visual and auditory prompts

2. A phrase I would replace this as the"Actor"

Sample phrases include:

1. Students will be able to 2. Children will be able to

3. Performances

Performances refer to the expected observable behaviors of a lesson

These should commence with an action verb followed by a description of the expected behaviors

For example:

1. compare and contast living things 2. draw and label a diagram of a living thing 3. explain the importance of living things to human survival.

==4. Degree

  • This states the extent to which the learner mastered the performance.

e.g. 1. identify all the steps

    2. ...solving problems by willingly help others who have difficulty

The following is a sample lesson Objective reflecting the three guidelines:

Having observed short dramatization students will be able to: 1. Identify the steps taken in problem solving. 2. Show appreciation for strategies used in solving problems. 3. Calculate problems using the exchange rates provided by the teacher