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ok talk

There exists no greater opportunity than an opportunity to speak to someone. From day to day we speak to each other. We listen to what people have to tell us and they too give us an audience. It is this communication that brings about transformation or change in our lives. No matter how simple this communication may be, it may put a smile on our faces, make us laugh, or jump for joy. Not only that, from the same communication, we may end up filled with anger, hatred, bitterness, hurt, pain or jealous. All these are emotional changes that come about as we interact with each other through speech. The way we speak to each other in a school environment or school set up, organization or any institution has great effects on the outcome or results. Spoken words are powerful enough to encourage or discourage. They are powerful enough to motivate or de-motivate. This is the reason why we have to learn to speak right. It is important to give every opportunity we have the seriousness it deserves. Every single word uttered has an impact in he life of the speaker and the audience. Let us speak to build.