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Welcome to the UpStage Primary Workshop Series: (back to | UpStage Primary)

  • Check the learner management systems (LMS eg Moodle) you are using and WikiEducator
 - is everyone logged in so they can contribute to the development of these resources?
- ensure your group have their login details for the workshop, and can post questions to the forum 
  • Demonstrate the use of UpStage: look at the tools
- log everyone in with the workshop username and password
- demonstrate the UpStage stage area
  • Encourage your group to pick up and avatar
  • Demonstrate how to move and types of speech (using : and !), explain different avatars by picking them up
- show how to move between the layers that avatar exist on [green arrows forward and back]
- turn on and off names, change names, demonstrate the invisible avatar and how can will work
  • Encourage your group to pick up Props and to change Backdrops
  • Demonstrate Drawing
- show the tools
- show how to change brush size
- demonstrate how to show/hide a drawing and transparency
- demonstrate layers
  • Demonstrate Audio

- show the difference between sound effects and music - show how to play, pause and alter volume

Assignment send an email to request a login to UpStage