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This is a WE Collaborate project. You can help. See project description for more information.

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Here are some things that need to be done... Pick something that YOU want to do and find a project looking for collaborators.

Look for projects and resources with Categories

Collaboration - things you can do

  • review, provide feedback in the page discussion and rate resources
  • identify additional resources about a topic and create a stud or start a page
  • expand an existing resource
  • update / correct an existing resource - anything from spelling and grammar to factual errors
  • add examples to resources
  • add links to related resources in Related activities or Learn more... sections
  • add / update Categories to aid search and navigation
  • compare resource to the WE quality assurance guidelines and make / suggest improvements to the resource
  • add HelpWanted (enclose in curly brackets) to collaborative projects and resources
  • add comments to the discussion about possible additions and updates
  • document changes made or needed to a resource
  • suggest a new project or subject area within an existing project
  • develop your own review criteria, review resources and publish the results as a list of recommendations, blog postings, newsletter articles ...
  • promote WikiEducator resources to learners, subject experts, teachers' groups, OER directories, Blogs, Tweets ...
  • help out in any way you can - even just providing moral support and encouragement is appreciated
  • ... add more ideas

from previous discussions...

some of the discussion on the group list...

[Wikipedia] intentionally cultivated the "Be bold" culture ("in a nutshell: If you see something that can be improved, improve it!" from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Be_bold ). ... Maybe we should be asking how we can intentionally cultivate a culture in which OERs are collaboratively developed and improved. But in doing so we need to be mindful of the issue that many (most?) learning resources are context dependent. ... The conversation began with Wayne proposing that authors label their work according to the level of community contribution desired. For a community resource he suggested: "I need help and welcome WikiEducators to collaborate, edit and improve this resource."