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Each server will be configured the same. One will be the active server (replacing the current machine) and the other will be a hot failover machine.

Hardware Requirements

  • 4GB (or more) RAM
  • separate spindle for boot and swap
  • dual network interfaces (one for public network, another for connection to other server)
  • remote console access (?)

Software Requirements

  • kvm-enabled kernel
  • four filesystems totaling at least 150GB of usable space:
use size notes
/ max(50, total/3) GB
/boot 5 GB
/var/lib/mediawiki at least 50 GB (mounted noatime)
/var/lib/mysql at least 50 GB (mounted noatime)
  • MySQL in master/slave replication mode

Ideal Hardware Configuration

If an additional virtualized server is available, it would be nice to separate the database server(s) from the web servers. The current demands do not require it, but the move makes an ideal time to plan for the future. There might be three servers inter-connected with a private gigabit LAN. Each server should be equipped with a remote access card ("lights out management", DRAC, etc.) permitting control at the BIOS level over the 'net.

# function(s) configuration
1 primary webserver 4 to 8 GB RAM
2 database server 4 to 8 GB RAM
3 backup webserver, MySQL slave 4 GB RAM

Old Server

After transition, the old will be decommissioned.

Backup Strategy

TBD - What can AU offer us?