Why Ghanaian Women wear beads around the waist

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Interesting Lessons from Ghanaian Cherished Values
Lesson: Why Ghanaian Women wear beads around the waist
Creations from Kafuiaheto
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By the end of the lesson, you should be able to:
1. Identify what beads are.
2. Explain the type of beads Ghanaians have.
3. Mention some of the people who whose occupation is bead making.

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Beads are used for so many things. For so many reasons, most Ghanaian women wear beads around their waist. This is very unique about Ghanaian women since newly born baby girls also go through the practice till death.

What are beads?

A bead is any decorative piece of material made from glass, clay, plastic that is normally penetrated for stringing.

Types of beads

Basically, beads can be made from either natural or artificial materials.




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