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This is a WE Collaborate project. You can help. See project description for more information.

Reviews - Creating reviews of educational resources is one of the most important services that WE can provide to the global educator community. It is and easy way of start collaborating in the WE environment. And it needs to be done. The task is straight forward. List and review content, and provide a rating, category tags and educational level.

Pick a topic that interests you. Create reviews. If you keep a list of links to great educational resources, consider creating a WE review for each one to share with educators everywhere. ... see #Create a Review below for details

... organization of this page - Add subject headings as needed.



Need to be reviewed...

Lists of directories, repositories and lists - each entry in these list should be reviewed and added to the list above

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

... organization of this page - Add subject headings as needed.


Create a Review

For each resource, create ....

  • Informal reviews - add your review. Describe what you like about the resource you are reviewing and why.
  • Formal reviews - Several content quality guides are available. If you include a formal review following the review criteria, please include a link to the reference criteria guide.
(Comment.gif: ... need help here - suggestions for guidelines / standards for formal OER reviews)

Optional - Expand the review by adding more information for teaching and learning

  • Activities - include learning activities that can be used with this resource
    (Comment.gif: ... developing outline for learning activities - make these as small units that can be mixed and matched. May actually be components of program .. see http://freereading.net - good example of how this can be done)
  • Related resources - list other resources that are similar to this resource
  • Learn more... - list other resources that are can be used to supplement this resource, or go into more depth than this resource that would be suitable for more advanced learners