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Voices of Teachers Radio Show - TWB Nigeria


Teachers Without Borders in Nigeria puts on a "Voice of Teachers Radio Show" each week that reaches millions of listeners in Nigeria and discusses important topics that are relevant to teachers. Teachers Without Borders in Nigeria needs volunteers to serve as correspondents that will gather news, conduct interviews and seek for sponsorships of the Voice of Teachers radio show in all 36 states of Nigeria.

Contact: Please contact African Regional Coordinator Raphael Oko if interested, via email: raphael@teacherswithoutborders.org

Bukky and Monday Ahilomen (TWB Director of Voices of Teachers (VOT) radio show, Kapital FM, Abuja, Nigeria.

Episode 1: Launch of the Voices of Teachers


  • Launch of the Voices of Teachers radio show Februcary 2009, work of TWB Nigeria
  • Raphael Oko, Teachers Without Boarders (TWB) African Regional Coordinator - vision of Teachers without Borders for the Voices of Teachers radio program
  • Dr. George - need for continuing teacher training, community teaching, need for Teachers Without Borders
  • Teacher Training sub-Saharan Africa - head, participation, Teachers Without Borders - open access, Open Educational Resources, web based delivery, assessment, distribution, training of teachers, certification - free, online, need for support for teachers from government and communities, teachers can learn to be better teachers, challenges for TWB
  • lady talking about rural teachers - impact of TWB, spread
  • call-in - training / retraining of teachers - need for training and retraining of teachers, structure are important, although teaching training is just one of the ongoing programs.
  • Monday Ahilomen, TWB Director of Voices of Teachers (VOT) radio show, composer of the theme song, talks about his experience with teachers growing up, need to celebrate teachers
  • empower and connect teachers - teaching is a noble profession, and teachers should be proud.

TWB Nigeria Radio Show (Episode 2)


TWB Nigeria Radio Show (Episode 3)


  • celebrating teachers - why teachers and teaching matter - engage students, teach concepts, show how these concepts apply
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Teachers Without Borders - doing similar work as Doctors Without Borders - caring in community, different because TWB starts with community and provides support for teachers in the community
  • Raphael Oko, Teachers Without Boarders (TWB) African Regional Coordinator - vision of Teachers without Borders for the Voices of Teachers radio program

TWB Nigeria Radio Show (Episode 4)


  • Minister of Information and Communication - I believe in Nigeria
  • teachers in re-branding, change of attitude, positive thinking about Nigeria, teachers can lead the way and teach their students, need to promote Nigeria, education for character, must begin with individuals
  • Adam Sugaki - writer living in the US
  • Raphael Oko - Teachers Without Borders, Regional Coordinator
  • need for reform, celebrate hard work, encourage
  • teachers have a big role to play in the change for Nigeria

TWB Nigeria Radio Show (Episode 5)


TWB Nigeria Radio Show (Episode 6)


TWB Nigeria Radio Show (Episode 7)

TWB Nigeria Radio Show (Episode 8)


TWB Nigeria Radio Show (Episode 9)

Episode 10: Certificate of Teaching Mastery


  • Solar cooking - guest? safety? how to get one? where are they being used? production, funding? use in the rainy season? email: orecom78 Joseph Odey
  • Raphael Oko - workshop on Mindfulness and Character-building in Nigeria - for teachers

Other TWB podcasts

Additional Voices of Teachers projects

As you have read on the website, the radio show is aired on weekly basis and we are looking out for volunteers who may be able to help by gathering educational news and resources for teachers, promote the show online to others, help mobilize technologies that can enhance our desire to improve the radio program recording and access to the online community, feature as guests on the show and even help in fundraising online to cover the cost of airing the weekly shows and post production.

At the moment, we are spending nearly $400 per week to cover cost of airtime, live guest refreshment and post production. We are looking at options of generating resources to make the show nationwide in Nigeria on air and globally online. I am wondering which aspect of these you may be able to help. Are you able to write some piece on some topics on teacher education or contemporary issues in education and community development that we can use as a discussion materials in any of the shows, or help us in developing a website that can serve as the online version of the weekly on air program?


National Radio Project http://www.radioproject.org/

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