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Moodle–Setting up Gradebook v1.95

This handout is simply to advise you of minor changes made to setting up the latest version of the Moodle Gradebook. Unless you're configuring your gradebook for the first time, you shouldn't have to do anything; your grades will continue to show up as before. However, all who use the Moodle gradebook should spend a few moments with the new interface. You'll find some nice improvements...such as a working Extra Credit system and easier student identification in grading blocks.

Set Up the Gradebook

  1. Click Grades under the Admin menu in Moodle.
  2. From the Choose an action... menu, select Categories and Items > Full view. Your course's primary category is shown. Don't change the default name of this global category.
  3. Click the edit icon to the far right of your default category. Click Show Advanced.
  4. Aggregation: select Simple weighted mean of grades– item points equal weight.*
  5. Aggregate only non-empty grades: check, so only graded cells are calculated in grade.
  6. Include Outcomes in Aggregation: No, don't check this.
  7. Aggregate including subcategories: No.
  8. Drop lowest score: select None. Click Save changes.
  9. From Choose an action... menu, select My Preferences > Grader report. In Show Ranges menu, select Yes to show range of grading points possible per assignment. Save Changes.
  10. From Choose an action... menu, select Settings > Course. Defaults OK.
  11. From Choose an action..., select Letters > Edit. Can change percents. Save Changes.
  12. From Choose an action..., select View > Grader report and click Turn Editing On button.
  13. Can manually add or adjust grades in grade fields, when/if necessary. Always Click Update to save new grades, or grade changes will be lost.

Add a Grading Category

  1. From Choose an action... menu, select Categories and Items > Full View.
  2. Click Add Category button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Add a category–set preferences per global category. Save Changes.
  4. Click on your course number in the breadcrumbs trail to return to your home page.

Optional: Add grade item will add a grade column for a single instance grading activity say, a one-time oral presentation

  • For other grading methods, see addresses at end of this document.

Regarding The New Extra Credit Feature...

It works only with Sum of Grades or Mean of Grades with extra credit calculation methods. For Sum of Grades (with extra credit) When the "Sum of grades" aggregation strategy is used, a grade item can act as Extra credit for the category. This means that adding a 5% or 5 point extra credit assignment to your grade sheet will not increase the maximum percent or point total from 100 to 105. Students will simply get the extra credit they've earned added to their point or percentage total.

For Mean of Grades (with extra credit)

A value greater than 0 treats this grade item's grades as Extra credit during aggregation. The number is a factor by which the grade value will be multiplied before it is added to the sum of all grades, but the item itself will not be counted in the division.

Check out the wealth of information on grades at these addresses–

Discussion Grading Rubric

For this class, the following rubric will be used for grading the Forum postings.

Forum Evaluation

This form is used to evaluate your weekly postings on the forum board.

Objective/Criteria Performance Indicators
Need Improvement Meet Expectations Exceptional
Thoughtful answers (1 points)
Answered some of the questions but there is little connection to the answer and the assigned material
(1.5 points)
Answered all of the questions in a thoughtful way but no references made to the assigned material
(2 points)
Thoughtful answers to all questions and references made to the assigned material
Responds to classmates (1 points)
Responds to 1 or 2 classmates with less than thoughtful comments, no references made to the assigned material
(1.5 points)
Responds to 2 classmate, posting reflect understanding of assigned material
(2 points)
Responds to 2 or more classmates reflect understanding of the classmates point of view and assignment materials are referenced
Scholarly writing (0.5 points)
Grammar, sentence structure and organization of ideas need improvement
(0.75 points)
Grammar, spelling and sentence structure are correct, understanding of the assigned material needs some improvement
(1 points)
Answers and responses have correct grammar, sentence structure and reflect good understanding of the assigned material
 Total possible 5 points