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Show and tell... [1]

  • Neatness and Professionalism - clean, professionally presented, easy to view
  • Integration of Theory and Content – demonstrates an integration and understanding of the challenge and your research findings and problem solving
  • Quality of Content – demonstrates mastery and insights into the subject
  • Creativity and Insight – demonstrates creativity and insight about the challenge and proposed solutions

Learn more...

  • do one or more of: write a report, do a photo essay, compile a scrapbook, build a model, put on a live , do a statistical chart keep a journal, record interviews, design a mural, develop a simulation, set up an experiment. do a mind-map, engage in a debate, produce a videotape, develop a musical, choreograph a dance, create a rap or song, one of your own own design
  • screencasting - Using or Jing software from and only when it specifically applies to class assignments, students will create video tutorials roughly three-five minutes in length that guide their peers through previously unknown technological terrain. If students’ demonstrations don’t involve sharing a screen or the concepts somehow require an external recording devices, video cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other recording gadgets are useable.
  • Celebration of Learning - synthesize and reflect on your learning using your own creativity, passions, and personal interests. The description of this project was: To demonstrate overall knowledge and integration of the material studied and from the texts, do one of the following and demonstrate/report results: