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The Midway section of the theme park consists of over 36 games and plays split up inside the theme park within the different time periods. This page is so that we can discuss the midway games and plays, how much they will cost, the blurbs we have come up with for them, the ideas surrounding them, and any questions you have.

Midway Games and Entertainment Ideas:

Pangaea/Ice age:
- Dino Smasher: It is like Whack-a-mole except with dinosaurs.
- Fun room of Cavemen
- Freezer room
- Hit the dinosaurs with meteors
- Arcade room
- Cavemen on Ice: comedy
- Ice age Ski Ball
- Ice Hole
- Theatre

Ancient Egypt/Rome:
- Who killed Cesar: A comedy show
- Find the mummy’s tomb: Fun House Pyramid
- Be like Cleopatra: Girls’ room
- Be like Cesar: Boys’ room
- Put out the fire! :You try to put out the fire of the library in Alexandria

Medieval Europe:
- Shoot the Villain: Bow and arrow game
- Damsel in Distress: A comedy show
- Climb the Tower: A water game
- Jousting tournaments
- Slay the dragon
- The Sword in the Stone

Wild Wild West:
- Cantina Show: A musical comedy
- Cowboys vs. Indians
- Show down
- Ride a bull
- Cowboy shooter: Shooting the cups
- 10 gallon hat relay

Future World:
- Future world fun house
- Alien shoot down
- Rocket to the moon: A comedy show
- Flying bumper cars
- Build a robot
- Futuristic Dress up

Post Apocalyptic:
- Dunk the Zombie
- Shoot the Zombie
- Zombie Attack: Comedy Show
- Zombie fun house
- Nuclear plant mirror house
- Junkyard of death!

Midway/Entertainment Blurbs

Midway and Entertainment

Fun! Midway is pure fun and entertainment and lots of it. We want people who do not feel like going on roller coasters to theme park have fun at. There are many different games that are midway for all ages. No matter where you go in the the park we want you to always have fun!

¡Divertido! Midway y entretenimiento es pura diversión y mucho de ello. Queremos que la gente que no tiene ganas de ir a las montañas rusas para divertirse en el parque temático. Hay muchos juegos diferentes en mitad de camino que son para todas las edades. ¡No importa a donde vaya en el parque que queremos que usted tenga siempre es divertido!

The Ice Age/Pangaea:

The breeze of the cold would make you think that you are at the Ice Age back in the history book. The Dino Smasher is one of the games that'll get you thinking of the Ice Age and the Freezer Room. You heard of Whack A Mole but instead of whacking a mole you whack a dinosaur! You'll actually get to see the snow that came from the Ice Age fall right into your foot steps. In the Freezer Room it'll be snowing with snow and there'll be a place for you to skate on the ice and actually have an actual snowball fight with the snow. It'll be cold in the room as well which makes it even more like an Ice Age.

Wild Wild West:

A huge creature is barging into the theme park and is now waiting for a challenge. Do you have what it takes to ride the bull? How long can you last and survive? If you are ready for this challenge then get ready for the Wild Wild West where the cowboys and Idians come in to play. You'll be able to show us your skills for riding a bull and there'll also be a Cowboy shooter! You'll get to shoot the cups with a gun to show us your aiming skills!