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This resource is about creating a basic treatment for the idea regarding a multimedia element. The idea of the treatment is to be a simple description of the multimedia object, with timings and the basic video and audio. This definition of the treatment[1] has been taken from wikipedia and should be considered in relation to the storyboard[2].

The Basic Treatment

the treatment will consist of;

  1. a header that provides the subject, a brief description of the multimedia object, the learning outcomes and where the object will be embedded.
  2. a series of rows for each segment; icons providing visual queues to content, segment theme, duration (in minutes), counter indicating where in the overall multimedia the segment begins, a detailed description of the segment, description of the video, description of the audio (could be the actual script)
  3. a footer that includes all references to other open content, and all the personal information of the artist.


Introduction to OpenOffice Writer
In this multimedia object the learner will experience a first look at word processing with OpenOffice Writer. Upon completion of this short video the learner will be able to;

  • identify two important reasons for using a word processor
  • describe three word processed documents used within an educational setting
  • differentiate between simple and complex documents
  • describe the steps in creating a new document, add text and save the file
  • identify why the use of templates is important
  • output a file to the printer

Object Location: Getting started with the Writer Application

icon(s) theme duration counter description video audio notes
Nuvola apps edu languages.png Introduction 1:20 0:00 An introduction stressing the importance of using word processors in education. Provide some examples... talking head captured using computer camera

voice captured during video recording, subjects include;

  1. welcome to word processing
  2. what is word processing?
  3. importance of word processing in teaching
  4. beginner, intermediate to advanced capabilities
  5. used extensively in business
  6. ability to standardize using templates
  • lighting will be important
  • have a dark background
  • dress professionally
Nuvola apps multimedia.png Samples 0:40 1:20 Have a video of some sample documents from a teaching situation a voice should be included describing each document Use a video camera to capture document fly-bys with a beginner, intermediate, advanced, business and templates types of documents audio should accompany the fly-by
  • images should be white pages on a white background
  • documents should have a similar theme (i.e. anchor school)
  • include concept of electronic forms using Writer and business / school administration
Nuvola apps password.png Simple to Complex 0:40 2:00 Show three different documents; one a simple letter, a white paper with advanced graphics and one more of an electronic form haved three distinct documents from the same organization with increasing complexity highlight how documents can build upon one another and become increasingly complex meeting different needs; letters to whitepapers to electronic forms
  • again images should be white pages on a white background
  • an anchor theme is important
Nuvola apps kcmkwm.png Editing a letter 1:30 2:40 Creating a new document, editing a simple letter, saving the file and printing have a simple screencast using OpenOffice Writer to create a new letter, add text, format, save the file audio to accompany letter creation
  • stay within the anchor theme
Nuvola apps korganizer.pngNuvola apps amarok.png Summary 0:45 4:10 Describe the outcomes of the module in relation to the module content talking head again

voice captured during video recording, subjects include;

  1. review of word processing
  2. importance of word processing in teaching
  3. beginner, intermediate to advanced capabilities
  4. used extensively in business
  5. provide branding for institution where documents can accompany each other and build upon each other
  6. ability to standardize using templates
Nuvola apps filetypes.png Departing Question 0:05 4:55 A brief question to force some reflection upon the module talking head again

voice captured during video recording, questions include;

  • Can you identify four word processing documents within your school or institution?
  • What do you see as the main elements of a template?

Author: Peter Rawsthorne

Icon usage descriptions

Nuvola apps kpdf.png - provide the objectives for the overall multimedia object
Nuvola apps edu languages.png - a video segment of a talking head
Nuvola apps amarok.png - an audio segment
Nuvola apps digikam.png - a photograph or image
Nuvola apps multimedia.png - a video segment
Nuvola apps kcmkwm.png - a screencast
Nuvola apps konquest.png - an animation
Nuvola apps ktip.png - a new idea
Nuvola apps filetypes.png - a question
Nuvola apps password.png - a key point
Nuvola apps korganizer.png - a summary


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  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storyboard#Interactive_media

Icon references back to the commons

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Audio: Commons:Image:Nuvola_apps_amarok.png
Picture: Commons:Image:Nuvola_apps_digikam.png
Video: Commons:Image:Nuvola_apps_multimedia.png
Screencast: Commons:Image:Nuvola_apps_kcmkwm.png
Animation: Commons:Image:Nuvola_apps_konquest.png
Idea: Commons:Image:Nuvola_apps_ktip.png
Question: Commons:Image:Nuvola_apps_filetypes.png
Key Point: Commons:Image:Nuvola_apps_password.png
Summary: Commons:Image:Nuvola_apps_korganizer.png