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Jorum provides access to free learning and teaching resources, created and shared by the UK Further and Higher Education Community. We are a JISC funded, UK national repository, providing resources across all subject areas, which can save academics time, showcase institutions' efforts and increase the visibility of resources. We continue to support the UKOER programme, and those who want to find, share and discuss learning and teaching resources.
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'Thr'ough Jorum, you can:

Find resources and more
Jorum offers thousands of ready-made learning and teaching resources, including open educational resources that are freely available worldwide. Each one has been created and contributed by our community of users within the UK, and you can often find more than just resources in our collections - such as valuable ideas.
All resources within Jorum are free to download and reuse for educational purposes.

Share resources through two collections
Sharing is what our service is about - it’s what we believe in. Resources can be shared through either of Jorum’s collections:
JorumOpen - for anyone wanting to share resources openly, under a Creative Commons licence (CC) - ideal for sharing worldwide.
JorumUK - for those who prefer to restrict access to the UK only, under an institutional licence - ideal for sharing within UK FE/HE.

Discuss your ideas
Jorum isn’t just about learning and teaching resources. It’s about sharing learning, and learning about sharing. Many users want to share their experiences of creating and using resources, and to find out what other people have done, and how they have done it.

What can you find in Jorum?
Resources are from a wide variety of subjects areas, and range from simple files and web links, to more complex learning objects, including content packages. We also host or point to all outputs from the UKOER Programme - tagged as ‘UKOER’.

Searching is also easy with the unified search tool, which allows you to search both collections at once!

Why should you share your resources with Jorum?
Depositing resources into Jorum offers many advantages. Not only do the collections continue to grow, but Jorum can offer long-term sustainability - acting as a showcase for you and your institution, and allowing others to gain from your expertise.

Our experience has found that sharing resources openly and via JorumOpen can:

  • Increase personal academic/professional reputation
  • Encourage share-and-share-alike
  • Increase institutional reputation and attracting potential students
  • Encourage commitment to open education agenda capacity building e.g. staff skills, content management
  • Offer long-term sustainability, and a keepsafe for resources
  • Offer joined up thinking across institutions, forming new collaborations.

Sharing and reusing resources is set to grow. As of November 2010, there are over 10,800 open educational resources available via JorumOpen - providing a wealth of valuable resources, just waiting to be discovered.