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This is my work word.Please mind.

using numbered lists

  1. am getting somewhere
  2. am learning
  3. its fun!

using bullets

  • Bullets make things look better
  • Bullets make lists appear much clearer

using indents

My name is Muhammmed
My name is Muhammed
My name is Muhammed

headline text

  1. good
    1. fairy good
    2. bad
    3. fair
  • very bad
  • quite bad
  • fair

using bold and italics

  • good=bold
  • good=italize
  • good=bold and italize

== Web linkage == You can check the Zambia government website here

internal link

I love my countryZambia

My institution isRegent College

You can check my school here

Inserting images

Flag of Zambia.svg