It is about the money

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It is about the money[edit]

British pop sensation Jessie J's breakout song Price tag has a hook that goes, it's not about the money x3, we don't need your money x3, we just wanna make the world dance... forget about the price tag. Now, as catchy and sick the beat is on the song, not to mention the powerful vocals by Jessie herself, we all know that the song had and has no relevance to her thoughts on the value of money especially for a celebrity. In my books, how did she think she was going to accumulate that Louis Vuitton bag and the Coco Chanel cologne,if all that we the fans did was dance and didn't drop a Dollar for her album, utter nonsense!

It is about the money, of course it is, it always has been and always will be. It is not funny but astonishing how we all strive for a comfortable life, others prefer to say, the good life which some might interpret as an extravagant life style but in all essence, human kind survives on the medium of exchange for goods and commodities by the value of money. Heads are always turned towards people that seem to live a comfortable life, a reasonable person will always question and have suspicions of the accumulation of that wealth or money and not instantly give that person or people the benefit of the doubt that, it actually could be an act of hard work, that wealth could be as a result of hard earned money through sweat and dedication. But no, that class of people are thought to be corrupt or might have used dubious and devious means to gather the money which is not the case.

A time when people will celebrate wealth and being successful which will therefore propel people the world over to shift from the thinking that money could be the source of all evil and towards the thinking that, the lack of it could be the source of so much unhappiness. This philosophy and mentality is mainly common among disadvantaged and poor individuals who blame the rich for their circumstances which is absurd really.

Elfi (talk)21:36, 24 March 2014