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   What in your opinion is the relevance of online education ?.

Students are extremely busy and flexible learning opprotunities are needed. It is a boon to lower socio-economic and developing nation students as well, when able, to access a teacher or tutor to enable opportunities to learn and develop their educational goals. The 21st century world, for much of the globe, is highly reliant on the internet. The web can provide a much broader scope to learning and teaching development, at least for those able to access it. The internet provides for collaborations to increase the potential of the internet and or other education resources being provided to those who at the moment are unable to access it.

   How can it be implemented in your institute / What role can be played by your department to implement online education?

I work from home as an online tutor:mentor as a home-based business. The majority of my service is provided online, to students in Australia as well as Saudi Arabia, the UK and USA predominantly. Currently we are using the internet to develop apps for iPhones and Android to better enable the learning of psychology students; developing automated academic literacy courses (in psychology); providing ongoing online workshops, videos, webinars, publishing tutorials at low prices ($3-5)(mostly in psychology); providing a forum for students to engage in peer-to-peer learning; providing work opprotunities and a place to advertise for other tutors across the globe (in exchange for blog posts); researching student needs for extra-curricular learning support in higher ed.

   What are the current challenges for such an initiative in your opinion?

Time vs. core biz to cover operational costs ~:-) My biz is deliberatly low-profit to provide better access to learning support for higher ed students, mostly in the social sciences and, I put a lot of time into providing tuition and mentor support. The goal is Quality not Quantity. Other tutors are not so willing to take such risks (even as a casual job of 2-5 hours a week) and there is a high rate of 'lack of follow through' by others, even when paid as contractors. Western culture breeds lack of self-responsibility to put in the effort to make dreams a reality.

   What do you think about content contribution under creative commons?

I love the idea yet wonder how I will pay rent and operational bills and buy food (minimum requirements) if I did not charge for any of my content. Enabling others to have equal access to opportunities and outcomes is inspiring to think creatively about how I can be part of it whilst making an income.

   Will the online education help in quality enhancement of technical institute ?

Most definitly as greater diversity of life experiences, skills and competencies can be 'brought to the table' Richer conversations, in-depth debates and think tanks, better leverage of potential and thinking outside of the square to make things happen.

   Can you name some agencies , people who can contribute for content development, support online initiative?

Integrating Technology

   What is the role industry can play in online learning initiative and how? 

Sponsor learning and teaching online in exchange for creative teams contributing to their marketing strategies. Provide grants and funding or prizes to enable fundraising

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