21st Selfie-tury

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The photos I have in my electronic gadgets of which most are of myself are so many, it is embarrassing. Self absorption? or just a variety of social websites to upload them on probably, maybe. Selfie a term that describes a picture taken of oneself or a group of people in it, was the most populous and used term in 2013 so it's safe to say that "selfies" are full of myself.

Pope Francis' selfie went viral which he had taken with one of his admirers, from that selfie came the one that broke a record and froze Twitter was taken at the Oscars in February, in it were celebrities of the world's lucrative entertainment business industry, Hollywood. For a long time photos have never been as fun and overly spoken about as Selfies have, they have gotten such platform of discussion that other more important issues have never gotten, really ridiculous. This Selfie 21st century is a clear depiction of how social medially inclined we have become that we discuss selfies instead of thinking of resolutions of preventing and getting rid of Boko Haram taliban group that is terrorizing Nigeria's communities.

With no disregard to the social networks that are equally important because they are the quickest and global source of the latest trends, news and events transpiring the world over, credible or not selfies and other internet jargon and trending codes all serve their purpose.

This should be the era that has taken the most photos in the history of photography, unnecessarily that is, because the places that some of these pictures are taken are such a pathetic scene that one wonders if really someone should have shared that particular picture. But again, what is the internet without the incentive of carefree usage by any person, if anything, it is the hub of self regulation and expressing although it is at one's own risk. So, viva to selfies, responsible or not, there is need for laid back conversations that have little or no substance yet have images.

Elfi (talk)11:59, 25 April 2014