The Liquid or the Plant?

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I am not much of a drinker, of liquor that is least you think that I might be dehydrated but when I do, at social events or occasionally as some may put it, I am a very disciplined consumer. The consumption of liquor has been a recent adventure of mine that I had to explore without any prior experience from my nuclear circle of family and friends. For the record, not all adventures can be enjoyed but certainly most adventures are worth a shot.

Recently, the caution don't drink and drive from the Ministry of Transport and the Police in countries the world over could not be over emphasized as I encountered that realization at one of my social events. Fortunately and unfortunately I happened to be a passenger in that Volvo V40 which was steer wheeled by a friend. It was both fortunate and unfortunate because I was the sober minded adult that had to steer the wheel from the passenger seat and in that one hour journey saved the four lives that were in that car. The driver was under the influence of a Liquid and the fatality of the subsequent damage had an accident occurred, would have been dire and this piece would not have been written.

I have tried a good spliff, though I can't say that I saw or felt the hazardous effects of it except the bulging of my eyes, mentally I maintained my stability and composure. Bob Marley, in his music always alluded to the herb as his source of inspiration and drive as well as the calm and peace it instilled in him when he smoked it. Although not being the pioneer of smoking the plant but was among the earliest musical phenomenon to come out publicly and romanticize and praise the high.

What is the relevance of these two substances? Non at all, except for the stimuli in the level of intoxication and risk of safety in society that they each cause. with that said, not much has been sensitized about the effects or lack thereof, of the Plant in other words the herb could be argued that it is much safer than liquor, of course it could be argued.

So, the plant or the liquid? the choice is yours.

Elfi (talk)11:29, 23 April 2014