Helga - How to motivate participants to fill out the survey (or happy sheet)

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*This is a post from Helga and has been moved from the main WikiEducator discussion page to the course discussion page.

I tried to raise this issue before during a web conference but as I did not really get the answer I was after I will give it another go and try to revive the discussion page!

My point is: it is not hard to force participants to fill out the good old questionnaire at the end of a face to face course as it is the last thing you do in the course. But with no direct contact, how can you motivate the participant to fill out the form.

First of all, how should you make it available. Do you send an email with the link to the questionnair? Does it automatically appear in the list of course you have enrolled in when you have an LMS?

And then, how do you motivate them to complete it. Is the course only complete when the questionnair is sent back?

Do you send a chocolate fish by post?

I am really keen to find out what your ideas are, because I think we all deal with this issue to some extend.


Bronwynh (talk)11:46, 18 May 2008