Case Studies

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Suggest your own case studies here.

  • What is the context and culture of the groups you want to work with?
  • How does this effect how you interact with them?
  • What are their learning needs?
  • How can you find out?
  • How might you involve them in the design process?
  • What wouldn't work? Why not?

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Joshuau (talk)02:39, 13 March 2008

Case study.

I would like to add the case study of our experiences so far in Kiangwaci and Kambu based on the following guidelines: 1: Presentation and discussion briefly on the data collected from the two sites focussing on profiles, perceptions, expectations and limitations of the users 2: Experiences during the setting up of resource centres and training of trainers: Lessons learnt by the facilitators 3: Feedback from the centres to date from the learners 4: Progress made in coming up with initial prototypes on user interface and KMS designs

i believe that these can be vital in giving us insights on bridging theory and practice especially within the context of rural communities.

Please comment

Dorwa (talk)17:47, 18 March 2008

Great. We will then focus on drawing out the main lessons learnt throughout the process and assist workshop participants in applying these to the context they are familiar with and work in.

Joshuau (talk)01:08, 1 April 2008