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Hello everyone, I'm Major Rajesh Ranjit, Principal, Pushp Niketna School, Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh, India. I'm excited and extremely happy to be part of this workshop eL4c29. I hope to gain immensely and in the following months, start contributing to the world community.

Pushp Niketan School is visualized to be a world-class model for progressive education with child centric education philosophy, pedagogies and processes. Here, we promote excellence in learning and sound values in a safe, supporting and stimulating environment. The school is a non for profit venture, and caters to the people residing in and around Dhampur town and rural areas. It has been started as a pilot venture to bring in high quality inquiry based child-centered education methodologies to small towns and rural settings in India. A great thought behind this project is “a lot is happening in the cities, not in small towns, so let us join hands in raising the quality of life and education in small towns like Dhampur.”

Our Mission: In the process of education, the school aids the spontaneous development of the mental, spiritual, emotional, psychic, physical, creative and artistic personality of the child, thus giving them an all round growth potential. Our school is an extension of the student’s home where care, love, good sense, discipline, humor, empathy and traditional values abound. It provides for growing children to grow harmoniously in an environment that respects each individual’s space while sharing a family life experience. Here we nurture the varied multiple intelligences present in children and provide enough opportunity and freedom for expression and thus for love of learning to grow and lead to an explosion........

We've international educators interning, volunteering and working at our School in the field of teaching Computers, Sports and Games, Music, Dance, Theater,Art & craft, English language, Curriculum development, Publishing, Photography etc. For those interested I'd like to send a detailed write up on the project with some photos. Please send me a request mail on major.rajesh@gmail.comPlease check the link http://www.mindfields.in/MF01/mf1-city-village-3.htm

Looking forward to be part of a world community....

Major Rajesh Ranjit. Principal, Pushp Niketan School, DSM, Dhampur, District Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India. E-mail: major.rajesh@gmail.com Mobile Phone:+91-9997092308.

Majorrajesh (talk)15:40, 21 August 2009