Treasures of Marovo

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Grade and topic

G6 Science

Curriculum references

Students are able to

  • identify plants, animals and things in Nature
  • know the names in Marovo
  • use to use computers for research

Concept / Topic To Teach

Scientific names

Standards Addressed

General Goal(s)

To identify and understand Marovo natural things

Specific Objectives

Icon objectives.jpg

Catalogue and improve entries in the Reef and Rain Rainforest resources

Required Materials

  • XO laptops if available
  • Windows laptops
  • digital cameras
  • other multi media devices
  • Reef and Rainforest books
  • access to the wiki

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In)

  • use visual aids to introduce the topic

Step-By-Step Procedures

Icon activity.jpg
  • identify 2 or 3 objects from the reef or rainforest together as a class exercise
  • give a few examples of short descriptions, clues and/or drawings of Marovo objects on the blackboard
  • in groups, with girls and boys and mixed abilities, students use the book or wiki to identify the objects and their names in English and Marovo
  • Students consider if there is any additional information they would like to add about the objects
  • If the entries are text only, students can take photos and draw pictures to upload on the wiki with teacher's assistance
  • Advanced students can then go on to choose their own entries and suggest how to improve them by adding images and text

Plan For Independent Practice

  • Students choose entries in the wiki and then in own time document with laptop or in their exercise books
  • Write stories, poems, even short dramas, use the OLPC laptops if available, for instance
    • Paint
    • Joke Machine (creating interactive scrapbooks)
    • Write with inserted photos and drawings

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set)

  • Present and review
  • select some of the best examples for upload into the wiki

Assessment Based On Objectives

  • Mark home work
  • End of the week quiz about things and names

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities)

  • later in the lesson separate the slower learners and give attention to them

Extensions (For Gifted Students)

  • use OLPC laptops advanced activities (etoys, memorize etc..) to create content for the wiki
  • create short dramas or plays and record
  • search Internet for related information

Possible Connections To Other Subjects

  • English - translating things from Marovo

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