The REAL SwineFlu Conspiracy

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The Pharmaceutical Companies are responsible

Maybe it's the drug lords who are creating havoc in Mexico and this is a way of controlling the population. It reminds me of the dirty works of the old CIA, but now it's the drugs king pin.

I'm not kidding here. But we may soon be hearing of the Horse Flu or even the Dog Flu. I think dogs deserve to have a flu named after them.

We cannot just ignore the fact that everything these days is about making money, defrauding innocent people and every other thing that is bad. All this lends itself to the fact that wicked companies are constantly looking for ways to take advantage of the unsuspecting and vulnerable.

Think about it:

The so-called swine flu was not even a good 72 hours old and already there were drugs that could effectively help? What is confusing or amazing is the fact that the medical experts said it's the first time such a strain of virus has been identified, so tell me how could the pharmaceutical companies already have a cure. Am I to believe that our current technology is that good? YEAH RIGHT!!

Year Disease Origin
1979 AIDS Man had an affair with monkeys
2008 Bird Flu Man had an affair with Birds?
2009 Swine Flu I refuse to believe this one
2010 Dog Flu (You'll see) Tell me we ent lost our damn minds

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NB: This is a part of a training session, the information in this article is not factual, just thought provoking.