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Welcome to our platform for physics teachers in Africa!

A teacher's view?
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No matter if you are a novice in the craft of teaching or have been working already for many years in your profession, you are right here.

You are looking for exchange with colleagues? You are looking for materials on the subjects you teach? I’m sure you will find something that suits your needs.

You are an educator in kindergarten? Welcome!
You work in primary school? Pleased to meet you!
You teach in secondary school? Al right!
You are a college teacher? Fine!
We all deal with children and youngsters, and we all want more than to “inform” them about our subjects. We want to e d u c a t e young people to live a happy and healthy life, no matter where on our beautiful planet.

Your favourite is mathematics? Great, I’m Mathematics teacher too. You’re good in singing and playing guitar? I think its great to use music in primary school tuition.
Whatever your abilities, they will be enriching our community.

So just feel free to look around wherever you like!

It is a pleasure to have you on board!

--Günther Osswald 10:27, 10 November 2009 (UTC)