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Article by Vincent Kizza, Uganda

My comment:

Hi Vincent, hi all,

my name is Günther Osswald, a physics and maths teacher from a public secondary school in Germany.
I really appreciate this discussion about best practice for the integration of computers in physics lessons. In my school, some colleagues do, some don't. The frame conditions are not exactly ideal. In my school, we have a total of about 800 students, and only one computer room with 34 PC´s. The room is booked for about only half of the week. If we would like to do a hands-on experiment with computer support, we'd get some problems, because the physics materials are located on another floor. And there is too little space for practical work in the computer room. So, the computer is mostly used for simulations or for the evaluation of a demonstration experiment.

What I want to say with that: me too I've interest in a collection of best practice teaching experiences. Your article, Vincent, gives me a short insight to you classroom, and that already is inspiring to me. Thank you! But there arises a number of questions to me: How do you manage to realize such a student-centered approach like you described in you example with 50 (!) students? Doesn't it lead to confusion? And do you have enough experimentation material (f. ex. pulleys) for all these 50? We have not! And how about the final examination ... ?

Would you be ready to share your experience with us? I think I could benefit. May I invite you for this, and all other physics teachers, to come to our Physics Teacher Education Platform on WikiEducator? This is a large international educational wiki run by the Commonwealth of Learning. A good place for sharing ones experiences with others to the benefit of all. There you can find my own ICT practices too. This year I am experimenting first time with an on-line script for secondary mechanics in WikiEd. In that project, students permanently have to solve problems on solution pages in the wiki.

Looking forward to meet you in WikiEducator. Greetings from sunny spring in Bavaria.

Günther Osswald Gisela-Gymnasium München, Germany March 14, 2008

--White Eagle 11:19, 15 March 2008 (UTC)