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Materials on Physics contains educational content, ready for use in tuition.

Materials on Psychology and Pedagogics leads to resources of learning and motivation psychology as well as school pedagogic. Special feature: Pedagogic of wikis.

Materials on ICT-Training (Information and Communication Technology) are of use for all who want to improve their computer skills.

Materials on OER-research: There is quite a number of researchers working here in WikiEd trying to find out how Open Educational Resources can be produced and used best. But we physics teachers too have our experiences with the use of OER‘s in classroom. Have a look!

Materials in RSS feed: Here you can get hyperlinks to most recently published educational materials.

The Central Forum is for general topics in physics teacher education,
the Central Café a place about people and informal conversations.

The Project Planning Page contains our visions of how the teacher education section (Ted) in WikiEducator could evolve.

Partners: Partner Projects: short presentations and hyperlinks.