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Copy of material from other websites into WE

The web is full of good materials for education, including for the development of our project.

Therefore it is more than understandable to look for legal ways of copy of good materials into our project pages.

But: Any copy of materials, and may it be only extractions, from a site with a license that is not compatible to ours, is a violation of copyright and threatens the security of WikiEducator, as the owner of the site may persecute the violation legally.

Here are some proposals how to nevertheless use the information contented in other pages:

  • Take the foreign material as inspiration for the production of own material.
  • Look for material with compatible license. Example: SUPRA. SUPRA is now available under CC-BY and you can make use of it freely under our license CC-BY-SA.
  • This search can be conducted by search engines. Read the OLCOS tutorials here in WE!
  • Beware of copying images from the net! Here the licensing issue is hottest. Use images with CC licenses.
  • Try to get the owners permission. (Like I did with SUPRA). Many authors will be pleased if a renowned site like WikiEd asks for permission to copy part of their work.
  • Link extern: Write a lesson plan how to use a given resource in the internet (preconditions, preknowledge, introduction, worksheets etc.) and link extern to the used materials. Like this the material becomes truly educational.

--GünOss 09:35, 12 November 2008 (UTC)